STRIM association is realizing hosting projects in the framework of the European Voluntary Service (now European Solidarity Corps) since 2002. Every year from October till June we host young people from EU and non-EU countries, who work on the long term projects in different kindergartens, youth clubs, and youth associations in Krakow. The theme of all our EVS/ESC projects is the development of international cooperation and European awareness by intercultural learning. The objective of our project is to give to our volunteers the possibility of developing their competencies and skills through the work in the Polish educational institutions, to create an atmosphere of international cooperation in their Hosting Organizations and to create the opportunities for intercultural learning for children and youth. Volunteers working in the Hosting Organizations have two main tasks: taking active participation in the daily life of their organization and promoting their own cultures and countries, by providing their own small cultural projects. The connection between all those volunteers is STRIM Association itself. One volunteer working directly in the STRIM is responsible for the integration of volunteers in the local community, their cultural activities, as well as communication and promotion of the results of the project. The Strim volunteer is responsible also for writing down and putting on his/her blog (or other chosen social media) all constructive outcomes of the projects. Volunteers in Krakow have also the possibility to spend their leisure time together, discuss their working methods, daily life, cultural differences, ideas, and reflections. They take active participation in all national activities organized by Strim as integration meetings, evaluations, promotion of the EVS/ESC, Volunteers Day etc.

Each volunteer is also supported by a mentor and is learning the Polish language in a language school.

The results of EVS/ESC projects are presented in the publication or exposition at the end of the project (see http://strim.org.pl/publikacje).

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