We have organize meetings to provide information about EVS project.

We also provide short individual meeting about EVS projects (such briefings must be arranged individually).

As a sending organization we also plan pre-departure trainings. These are meetings for groups of young people, serving to inform in detail about the goals of EVS projects, and to prepare for an EVS project.

In our office, we also held training courses on other actions of the "Erasmus+" program and the ways of their implementation (e.g. project planning, organization and implementation of youth exchanges, evaluation of projects, etc.) Check the news for the closest trainings.

Members of the association and active volunteers have the opportunity to raise their competences through participation, on behalf of STRIM, in international trainings and conferences within the "Erasmus+" Program and other educational programs.

For more information you can contact Irmina at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.