Youth Development and Integration Association STRIM was established in 2001 in Cracow, as a non-governmental organization, gathering people sensitive for the social issues. Members of our association are active people willing to undertake actions aimed at building open-minded society, interested in youth problems, international education and culture. STRIM leads a wast number of diverse projects in Poland and beyond it's boarders, mainly in the field of culture and intercultural education

We aim at developing awareness, national and European, while not neglecting it's regional levels. Our association initiates and promotes all forms of youth activities. We reach that goal by organising trainings, seminars, conferences, public events, meetings and youth exchanges.

STRIM is one of the biggest organisations working with European Voluntary Service in Poland.

We also realize Strategic Partnerships projects designed to develop and share innovative practices and promote cooperation, peer learning, and exchanges of experiences in the fields of education, training, and youth.

Our mission is to develop activity amongst young people and broaden their horizons.

We are the member of Polish Council of Youth Organizations PROM

Polish Council of Youth Organizations (PROM) is an union of polish associations and youth organizations. Organizations which are forming the Council work as equal and independent and by conducting a separate activity they cooperate to achieve the objectives of the Council. People who create PROM represent their organizations and work together for Polish youth.