Nasz Wolontariusz w Finlandii - relacja

Oto krótka relacja wolontariusza, który realizuje swój dwunastomiesięczny projekt w Finlandii.

How does the life look like in Finland? After spending 4 months in Finland I can say that having chosen Finland for my EVS was the best decision in my life. Even though in the begging it wasn’t so easy because people are different that in other European countries but after a while I adapted to them and now I feel fantastic. I can say that here I’ve found my second home. Finland is still undiscovered country but it shouldn’t be like this because it’s so beautiful and cosy. I work in the International Youth centre in Turku mostly with teenagers from Kosovo. We organise cooking classes, handcrafts, sport competitions and events for them. During my stay in Finland I have visited lots of places like Tallin, Kuusamo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tampere and many different places. It’s perfect time for me because I can try new things like travelling by hitchhike, ice-swimming and cross country skiing. It’s time to improve my skills and character. Finnish it’s the most difficult language in the whole world but at least I can say something. I try to use Finnish as much as possible. I hope that at the end of the project I would be able to speak all the time in Finnish. I could recommend everyone to do EVS because it’s adventure of the life.

                                                                              Tobiasz Burzyński