Migrants Day at STRIM with Safe Haven project

International Migrants Day is celebrated every year on 18th December to highlight the human rights of migrants and to make migrants' voices heard. This date is used because on the 18th of December 1990 the UN adopted the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families and since the year 2000, the international community has used 18th of December as International Migrants Day. The United Nations proclamation of the International Migrants' Day was an important step, offering a rallying point for everyone across the world who is concerned with the protection of migrants. The UN invited all UN member states, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations to observe this day by disseminating information on human rights and fundamental freedoms of migrants, sharing experiences, and undertaking action to ensure the protection of migrants. International Migrants Day is seen firstly as an opportunity to recognize the contributions made by millions of migrants to the economies of their host and home countries, and secondly to promote respect for their basic human rights.


As the world is changing more rapidly than ever, it is important to acknowledge that, along with the fact that migration is something that we face every day or will face sooner or later. However, ever though migration is so omnipresent, not everyone is ready to embrace it, that's why celebrating International Migrants Day is even more important, especially in Poland (Krakow) where more and more migrants are coming every day.


This year, STRIM Association celebrated the International Migrants Day on the 14th of December with a public event. The event took place in Spóldzielnia Ogniwo in Krakow and was co-financed by Erasmus+ Program and organized with the cooperation of Capgemini company. We organized many enjoying, interesting and educational activities for our guests. First of all, we presented our long term project „SAFE HAVEN“, which aim was to support intercultural education. Its results „Manual for Building Community Support for Refugees and Migrants“ and educational activity „Suitcase“ caused a lot of interest among participants.  All the guests had the opportunity to hear about the aim of celebrating the International Migrants Day, its importance and learn about migration, meet our guests, specialist in Immigration Process who work every day with immigrants and help them deal with all the necessary paperwork in Małopolska Provincial Office in Krakow Department of Nationals' and Foreigners' Affairs. After that, our guests participated in an interesting quiz that challenged their knowledge about migration, famous migrants and migration processes, our top 3 contestants claimed their prizes on the main stage and were also rewarded with a big round of applause. Our next very special guests were 4 immigrants from 4 different countries living in Poland for a period of time. They shared their stories and reasons for moving to Poland (work, studying, love...) and the challenges they faced. We prepared also something for the guests who wanted to express themselves artistically, they were able to make a small piece of art with the help of our volunteers and learn how to dance with the help of our instructors from Pakistan and Azerbaijan. Delicious refreshments were served, of course, and the event was crowned by a concert performed by a popular local band Cherry cat in Italy.

Participants also took part in our Mentimeter activity. We asked them: If you were a foreign why would you move to Poland? The results you can see on the picture.