EVS na Słowacji

Recruitment process (timeline):

As to the timeline, we would like to start with the first wave of volunteers in June (then posibily some others could join us on July/August). 


Second wave will start in Autumn. 

Now we are interested in preferably those volunteers, who would be able to join us during the summer. 

We would be interested in 2-3 volunteers from your organisation is possible. (the number of volunteers from particular organisation/country also depends on the quality of volunteers).




Mission of volunteers: (can slightly vary according to management of each community centers, but basically involves)

-  the main task of the volunteer would be to actively participate in, and possibly plan, the activities realized by the centre

-  activities of the community centres are indoor or outdoor activities (preliminary club, tutoring, music/art/sport...)

- the volunteer would always work with a professional from the community centre, or a social worker of the centre.

- additional activities are considered to be an inseparable part of the Centre´s program. They include mainly trips, talks, meetings with guests, etc. 

- educational activities include tutoring, depending on the needs of individuals, with assistance of a professional. The volunteer´s task would be help with homework (writing, reading), work with methodic educational equipment (cards with syllables, word creation). Concerning older children, it would be direct help with tasks that are discussed at school, whether it´s math or foreign language. Education in the use of the PC – Internet, e-mail, Word, etc are mainly for older children

- the volunteer´s task would be independent leading of those activities, creative planning of the program and tasks for the participants.

- after-school activities involve active courses – sports, dance, singing, musical Instruments, educational courses – PC, foreign language, practical skills, creative workshops on various topics...             


Now, all 5 community centers are open - candidate can suggest his/her preference, however, we try to locate the volunteers after having interviews with them, based on their personalities, skills and how it matches with the needs of particular centre and team


Videos European Volunteering Service in People in Need, Slovakia:



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