Roczny EVS we Włoszech? Tak! Już od września

Poszukujemy osób w wieku 18 -30 lat za zaakceptowany już roczny projekt EVS (Wolontariat Europejski) we Włoszech! Wyjazd we wrześniu.

Koszty projektu pokrywa program Erasmus +. Wolontariusz/wolontariuszka ma zapewnione zakwaterowanie, wyżywienie, ubezpieczenie, kieszonkowe. Koszty podroży na projekt będą zwracane do kwoty 275 EUR.

Wszystkich chętnych zachęcamy do przesyłania CV oraz listu motywacyjnego w języku angielskim na adres do dnia 15 lipca.

Szczegóły dotyczące projektu poniżej:

EVS PROJECT “SECOND CHANCE – Giovani Europei per la Sostenibilità Ambientale”

The project takes place in Macerata (ITALY), the general aim of the project is that of enforce, valorize and develop the voluntary service meant as motor of the sustainability. The EVS project will involve 4 volunteers coming from different countries (1 from Spain, 1 from France, 1 from Poland and 1 from Portugal), who will be inserted for 12 months, from september 2017 to 31 august 2018, in the context of GRUCA work in the city of Macerata The volunteers involved working closely to GRUCA’s staff and they will have the opportunity to learn according with the methodology of the “learning by doing”.

TRAVEL AND ASSURANCE The trips will be organized by the sending organizations which will help the volunteers to find the better way to get to Macerata. The travel tickets will be bought by the volunteers and the association Gruca Onlus give them back the money cash. Beyond the healthcare assurance card, an other insurance policy will be initiated, the CIGNA for each volunteer. Any visa is requested for the volunteer.

ACCOMODATION AND FOOD The municipality agreed to lease free of charge to Gruca some land houses in the historic hamlet Ficana. In one of these houses, Gruca set up a guest house where at least five volunteers can live. Every volunteer have a single room at his own disposal. Furthermore the guest house has a kitchen, a living-room, a room for the laundry and three toilets available. In the matter of food the volunteer will receive on the very beginning of each month 150 euros to manage on one’s own and a basket of biological vegetables to share, every week. Furthermore they will receive 110 euros (pocket money) each month to satisfy their own needs, as decided by the project Erasmus +. In closing the volunteers will be able to move on foot because Ficana is only 15 minutes walk from the inner city.

SUPPORT Once arrived the volunteers will be assisted by a tutor during their activities. The tutor is one of the member of the association. He will show the volunteers how the association works and which kind of activities they will develop during their stay in Macerata. The tutor will organize a two month Italian course. The tutor will be their contact person for everything, from their activities to the support they need in every kind of life. These volunteers will have available a mentor too. The mentor will help them in getting to know the town and its possibilities. He will help them in solving some logistic or more practical problems. The mentor is not a member of the association and will create a confidential relationship with them in order to welcome them above all during the very beginning of the period. Through many meetings the mentor aims to find out the problems and doubts of the volunteers in order to solve difficult situations.

TASKS The volunteer, according to his skills, helps GRUCA staff in the organization of seminary, workshops and cultural events through non formal educational methods to promote the reduction of the wasted produced by citizen trought 4R strategy: Reduction, Reparation, Reuse, Recycle. The project involves the reuse cultural promotion throughout four different participation sectors: #Re-boot Repair and maintenance of old computer through using open source sistem (linux) #Re-dress Collection, sorting, fixing and distribution of second hand clothes #Re-think lab Workshops with children, adults and disabled people about creative and artistic reuse #Re-fresh Reuse communication and promotion through blog, social networks, meetings and events These activities will offer the volunteers the chance of living in a multicultural context. On one hand, they will experience the importance of reusing materials and goods and the reduction of wasting objects and products. On the other hand, the association encourage the development of the idea of European volunteering as a powerful instrument of personal and social growing. During the final phase of the experience, the volunteers should develop their own project. Once learned the language and having met many people they will be able to create something or to conceive an activity to insert in one of the four planning sector. These activities are no profit-making business. The inhabitants of Macerata will benefit from the volunteers work. The methodology of the volunteers’ projects is grounded in non-formal education and in learning by doing method. These are the leading principles of the entire association Gruca Onlus.