W przedszkolu w Berlinie: roczny EVS od września!!!

Lubisz pracować z dziećmi? To może twój projekt!!! Przeczytaj sobie opis, pytania do marco@strim.org.pl

Basic Information about EVS with ijgd in Berlin 2017/2018

We would be happy to cooperate with you in the EVS cycle 2017/2018.

Concerning the basic structure, we will do the EVS the same way as the years before. Provided that we will be funded by Erasmus+/EVS, of course. But as in the last years, we are optimistic.

There will be some specifics 2017/17:

  • Because of the winter-holidays in Berlin beginning End of January 2017, we will upload the application on the 24th of January. We kindly ask you to send us the signed mandate as a scan as soon as possible, latest on the 18th of January 2017.
  • The arrival time for the volunteers will be from the 1.-3.9.2017!

Basic Infos about the EVS with ijgd in Berlin 2017/18:

  • 12 months from September 2017 to August 2018
  • We cooperate with about 16 EVS hosting projects in Berlin in the social field. You get a PDF-List of our Berlin partner-projects. The more time passes, the more we will ask you to focus on and promote certain projects.
  • ijgd will do the application procedure and also skype-interviews with the volunteer-candidates to find out together, which project would be the most fitting one.
  • We see EVS as a voluntary service with a group of volunteers. There will be, depending on the funding and accommodation-capacities about 14-17 other EVS volunteers in Berlin to share this year together. Also there will be contact to other international and national ijgd-(ex)-volunteers. Candidates should be open to this social environment and ijgd activities.
  • The volunteers live in flats with 1-3 other EVS-flatmates. The flat is given to the volunteer by ijgd. The responsible and caring use of the flat is essential for the whole project EVS with ijgd in Berlin.