Półroczny wolontariat we Włoszech - już od czerwca!!!

Poszukujemy wolontariusza lub wolontariuszki na zaakceptowany projekt w organizacji Officina Creative Montefeltro w Piandimeleto we Włoszech.

Projekt realizowany jest w ramach programu Erasmus +, wolontariusz nie ponosi żadnych kosztów.

Daty: 6/06/2017 to 4/12 2017.

Zainteresowanych prosimy o przesłanie CV oraz listu motywacyjnego na adres mples@strim.org.pl  w terminie do 15.05.2017. W razie pytań piszcie również na ten adres. 

Szczególy dotyczące projektu poniżej:

The volunteers will be involved in the regular daily activities of the youth center and they will participate actively in the activities according to their needs and interests, regardless previous experiences, competences and skills.
The EVS volunteers will give contribution in:
- facilitating the group dynamics of youngster by peer to peer approach
- stimulate youth initiatives (ideas and proposals) from the project planning till the implementing phase and evaluation
- promoting the youth services and other activities by using own creativity using different channels (social network, leaflets, etc.)
- promoting European values and active citizenship by promoting the idea of Eu opportunities and and spreading the meaning of volunteering attitude and active involvement in the community - stimulating interculturality by the interaction with different culture by presenting own culture and a different lifes

accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The EVS will stay in a flat in the centre of Belforte. The flat is located at the same building of the Youth Center, but in a different floor. It has independent entrance and it allows an autonomy and private life of the EVS. The flat is composed by a kitchen, 1 double bedrooms, 1 bathroom. Within a 10 minutes walking reach, the EVS can find the bus station. Thanks to proximity, volunteers won't generally need to take any public means of transportations.

volunteer profile

No previous experience, knowledge and skills are required for carrying out the tasks of the project activities. All the necessary skills and knowledge for carrying out the tasks can be gained during the project. The only requirement is to have a positive active attitude and willingness to support the development of the local community doing positive actions.