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3 projekty w Bułgarji, aplikuj już :) więcej info do:

1 volunteer for 9 months – from 1st May to 28th February 2018 (early arrival is welcome) – some skills like strategic planning, elaboration of campaigns and promotional materials shall be an advantage. This person shall be involved in project development activities so interim English level will be appreciated.

4 volunteers for 6 months – from 1st June or earlier to 30th November 2017. They will take part in the development of the enlarged “Free of waste area” and will work mostly in the open. Nature lovers, sun lovers, flowers and trees will be taken care of.

1 volunteer for 3 months – from 1 June or earlier to 31st August 2017. This person will be mainly involved with the preparation of the HERBS Festival and elaboration of post-promotional materials. Skills in photography, computer image processing, video recording and production are very welcome. He/she will be also in charge of producing raw picture and video materials for the field activities of the project.

Travel expenses: As the number of volunteers has doubled we expect each volunteer to fit into the maximum amount of 150 Euro (or less if possible). Cheap flights are encouraged as they do a great job in this case J

Some more additional information. The volunteers have an apartment in the city center of Pernik. Pernik is a large (for Bulgaria) city of 70 000 citizens. We have a nice ccity park where young people gather in warm days and in the evening, a couple of discos, many coffe shops and sports facilities. The office and the apartment are in the central It is also 40 minutes from Sofia and our present volunteer goes there three times a week to take part in his favourite game tournament - the Magic strategic game. We have an excellent transport location and the guys may travel easily to any point of Bulgaria, they may go to Greece, Macedonia and Serbia.

Please see if you may propose any volunteers for the above and also provide your opinion if we can include new partners.

Kind regards from Bulgaria,

Liliya Georgieva

Project Development Manager

tel.:+359 877 053088