Zostań wolontariuszem EVS na Węgrzech!

Długoterminowy, już zaakceptowany projekt EVS na Węgrzech czeka na zmotywowanego wolontariusza bądź wolontariuszkę. 

Jeśli jesteś zainteresowany/zainteresowana napisz: mples@strim.org.pl

Szczegóły poniżej:

We have a long-term EVS project for 10 months in Kémes, 

The tasks of the volunteer (briefly):

- The volunteer will organise a program (in team) for the youngsters at the local schools. 

-  will organise interviews with the local people

-  will organise events (in team) for the local people, e.g. intercultural events, workshops.

-  will collect recepies and will edit a cookbook.


What is the profile of the volunteer who we are looking for:

- open-minded

- english knowledge

- teamwork

- responsibility

- cooperation

- to be able to share the room with a roommate from another country

- youth work experience (optional)

- working independently