Rok w Bułgarii!!!

Pilnie szukamy wolontariusza na ten (już akceptowany projekt!): nie czekaj więcej, pisz do nas (!!!


European voluntary service project

 “The(y) Volunteers”


  •  First period: 07.04.2017 - 07.03.2018 -1 volunteer per country:  Italy, Poland &Czech republic
  • Second period: 07.02.2018 -07.01.2019-1 volunteer per country:  Italy, Poland &Czech republic

Place: Kazanlak, Bulgaria

Hosting organization summary:

“Youth development center-Mutual aid” (YDCMA organization)  was founded in 2004. The main idea of organization is to support the development of young people by helping them to develop their physical, creative and spiritual qualities to be good citizens of Republic of Bulgaria

 YDCMA organization  organized the following EVS projects:

 Project “Eco festival Koprinka 2015”-12 EVS volunteers from Slovakia, Poland, Spain and Romania.

Project „Friendship in Box 2”- 6 EVS volunteers from Spain, Poland, France.

Project „Friendship in Box”- 4 EVS volunteers from Spain, Sweden and Germany;

Project „Ecology Development III” -12 EVS volunteers from Poland, Slovakia and Italy;

Project „Ecology Development Two” -12 EVS volunteers from Poland, Hungary, Macedonia and Latvia;

Project „Ecology Development”-1 EVS volunteer from Lithuania;

Project “A new beging”-3 EVS volunteers from Slovakia, Poland and Latvia;

Project “Art to give”-2 EVS volunteers from Turkey and Lithuania;

Project “Art vision”-1 EVS volunteer from France.

Web site:

Contact person: Mariya Slavova, e-mail:, phone: +359 899 307 090