Austria: to jest miejsce na EVS!

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Two host projects in the province STYRIA (capital GRAZ, situated in the southeast of AUSTRIA, are looking for EVS volunteers.
+ Please send CV, motivation letter and a demonstration of a creative talent you might have
(optional), EVEN if you already did so, to the EVS Coordinator of LOGO EU.INFO
( ) Klaus Buchner. Mailto:
+ Please send me only ONE nomination. If you send two, I´d consider your application for your
first choice only.
+ Please send your documents mentioned above to the EVS Coordinator Klaus Buchner until
3rd of January 2017 at the latest.
+ The selection procedure will be done by the teams of the host organisations themselves. This
should be done around mid of January 2017 at the latest.
+ Please note that only short listed candidates will be informed about the results of the selection
Gracias por todo y kind regards,
+ <rotor> - center for contemporary art (, is looking for two
volunteers from +++ all 28 EU program countries +++ Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein,
Norway and Turkey +++ as well as from Eastern Partnership Countries and +++ Western Balkans
+++ from 1st of September 2017 to 31st of August 2018. Have a look at: (PIC: 949234823)
+ Private School Knallerbse - Schule im Pfeifferhof ( ) is looking
for 2 volunteers from all 28 EU program countries as well as from Iceland, Liechtenstein and
Norway from 1st of October 2017 to 30th of June 2018. (PIC: 946108804)
Have a look at:
Best wishes,