EVS w Niemczech!

EVS in Germany

You love working with children, you want to gain experience in lifelong learning, get to know

pedagogy methods in Germany, test yourself, learn more about the German language and culture?

Then apply now! Deadline is 07.09.2016.

We offer you two interesting opportunities for European Volunteer Service:

"Kinderwelt am Frauenberg"

A Kindergarten, caring for 235 children in the ages of 3 months to the age of school enrollment.

The team is working with an open structured concept which is very child oriented. The children

can choose by themselves which activities they like to do.

http://www.jugendsozialwerk.de/kinder/kindergaerten/offene-arbeit/kinderwelt- am-frauenberg-


"Jugendgäste- und Bildungshaus Rothleimmühle"

"Rothleimmühle" is an approved institution for youth education and a hostel in Germany. The

receiving project aims at different target groups like school classes, children and youth groups, who

do activities in adventure pedagogy (photo safari, climbing, night walk,...) and stay in the youth

hostel for a certain period of time. The concept of the house is based on the health prevention

framework "Gut Drauf" and the outdoor education.

http://www.jugendsozialwerk.de/jugendliche/freizeit-erlebnisse/jugendgaeste- und-bildungshaus- rothleimmuehle-



duration of both projects: 01.04.2017 - 31.03.2018

Are you interested? Do you have any questions? Contact us by e-mail on:


We are looking forward hearing from you!

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