EVS w Czechach - od zaraz!

The volunteer will work in an institution that focuses on the history, culture, art and museum education. The volunteer will be involved in working with collections, educational activities, installation of exhibitions etc.

Task for the volunteer:

documentation collections - photographing collection objects and edit photos on the computer (regular activity)

educational activities - assisting with lectures and educational programs in the exhibition, opportunity and space for implementation of individual activities (creative club, language lessons etc.)

assistance and help to research and technical staff - manual work, installation of exhibitions, collections control

guide in a foreign language - according to the language skills of the volunteer

self-study - visit other museums, conferences, reading, etc.

language training for employees

Volunteer will learn in the collection department how the management of collection, meet with historically valuable objects. Workings with collections also include the manual work. Volunteer will learn in the scientific and exhibition department to create their own lecture/program for children and young people and can do regular club for children and young and the public. The volunteer will have the opportunity to install the exhibition and will be help in practical solutions exhibition. According to the volunteers' language skills he/she will get the opportunity to guide in foreign language.

The volunteer will be responsible for the long-term tasks (documentation). He will be learn careful, stand-alone and responsible work.
Practical arrangements:
The volunteers are supported in many way during their whole stay in EVS by the whole team of the hosting and coordinating organisation. It covers the organisational support, assistance, mentorship, language education, support for the assessment process of the learning outcomes, practical arrangement and any other support required by the volunteers needs. Support is planned and updated together with the volunteers according to their needs during the meetings and individual reflections.

Mentors are part of the EVS structure of the coordinating organisation, they are trained, prepared with the previous mentor's and/or  have EVS experience. They receive all information for their role, they have consultations with other people involved in the EVS project. Mentors support the volunteers in the free time orientation and the local community involvement, meeting the people and assist in the reflection and assessment process. There are 2 mentors as a support for the hosted volunteers.

The volunteers have regular “learning reflection meeting” with the EVS coordinator where they get to know the Youthpass and step by step work on it through the Learning diary created by Hodina H/coordinating organisation as a flexible tool for the learning outcomes self-assessment. Every month they talk about their learning experience and findings based on Learning diary and its parts. In the end of EVS they share the outcomes, compare with the state when they arrived and get a support to describe the learning outcomes within the framework of the Youthpass and get further information how to link the Youthpass to other framework for the support of their self-presentation and employability.

The Czech lessons are with the Czech teacher with experience of teaching the EVS volunteers and they are adapted to the level of volunteers and their learning needs. The language lessons are twice a week.

Other educational activities are in line with the volunteers’ activities and interests.

Accommodation:  individual guest room in the last floor of the residence, every room has its own social facilities, a kitchen, an electric kettle and a fridge, bathroom, toilette, wifi.

Local transport is no applied as all distances are close. For the activities in other towns which can be planned is used the public transport - bus and the travel costs are covered by the hosting organisation.

Food: volunteers receive the food money at the beginning of the month together with the pocket money, they can cook for themselves, they receive the information about possibilities of full board in the residence.

All other practical arrangements (shopping, leisure time, cultural and sport possibilities, etc.) are available for the selected volunteers in the "Guide of the EVS volunteers which they receive before arrival and later ensured by the mentor.

The volunteers are getting to know the hosting organisation, their activities and other fields the hosting organisation deals with. The volunteers get support for the individual activities and initiatives of their contributions in the hosting organisation and the local community.

Candidates please contact iva@hodinah.cz.
Więcej informacji ---> dorota@strim.org.pl