Something to be shared - EVS w Finlandii według Tosi

Za co można pokochać Finlandię i czy to prawda, że nie możemy zmienic świata na lepsze? Dlaczego fiński system szkolnictwa zachwyca i co ma wspólnego praca nauczyciela z wojną?

Zapraszamy do przeczytania relacji Antoniny, która dzieli sie swoimi wrażeniami z wolontariatu EVS w departamencie ds. młodzieży w miejscowości Janakkala. Gratulacje Tosia za wszystko co zrobiłaś :)

"Undoubtedly this was hectic time full of new experiences and feelings.

My name is Antonina and I am EVS volunteer from Poland. I am working with Janakkala’s youngsters – in Youth Centre and in various schools.

First of all let me tell you what I love about Finland: the most beautiful nature in the world, good-hearted and honest people (I met thousands of them here) and specific worldview only Finns have.

And now let’s go back to EVS

I am very happy to take part in this project. I truly believe that there is nothing more important than knowledge and new experiences. Being here I not only have opportunity to gain experience and knowledge but also to share it. Most of the time it is information about my country and culture.

For sure I am not changing anyone’s life by being here – I am just a drop in youngster’s ocean of life. But ocean is created by drops. One drop in pair with another and I have a chance to take part in creating new, open-minded generation who is aware of the fact that people from all around the world, even when they speak differently or express their feelings differently or have different opinions are in fact the same and are equal.

So yeah. Sometimes before going to sleep I congratulate myself for fighting racism and wars J

Of course this was a joke, but in every joke there is seed of truth.

Let me put this that way:  I was thinking for a really long time how to find a solution for all of the Biggest World’s Crisis like hunger, wars, sickness and aggression.

I am sure that sometimes every single one of you tries to figure it out somehow, don’t you? Yeah. Surely sometimes you visualize yourself as a Batman or Wander-woman who fights all the crimes.  I know you do this because I am doing this every time when I stand in a queue and I usually don’t differ from other people a lot. Just a random girl. There are thousands of girls like me around the world.

But I was also thinking, you know, differently, like seriously. Reading Dostoevsky, Orwell, Bible and Koran and trying to find an answer – what to do to change the world?

It took me some time.

And I have to tell you – after all this thinking…

I did not find any perfect answer and solution for any of this. Sorry. It’s probably because I am not Buddha. Nor Jesus.

I am just a random girl. There are thousands of girls like me around the world.


I managed to find not totally satisfying but still quite good solution.

Better something than nothing, don’t you think?

And the solution is: if you want a world to change, to be a better place, where everybody is safe, happy and has access to food, water and education you have to start with a new generation. Because happy and open-minded children grow up to be happy and open-minded adults who would be able to make changes. Those changes those adults will do, won’t be significant – there would be just small changes. But those adults would have their happy children and their happy children would have their happy children and after a few generations (if we won’t be conquered by aliens by that time) we would have a chance to have only happy adults and happy children all around the world.

That’s why I’ve decided to work with youngsters and that’s why I am so happy that I can start doing this here – in Janakkala as

Finnish educational system is claimed to be the best in the world and after those eight months of being here I have to agree with that statement.

Finnish teachers and youth leaders truly care for their students. Not only for their minds but also for harmonic physical and psychological development. They ARE really doing this every day: they are preventing wars and racism and creating new hyper-generation and I am really glad that I can learn from them and be part of this process.

I think that’s all.

No. Sorry.

There is still something left to be shared.

After all of those big, love-Finland, war-preventing, and antiracism stuff just let me tell you two more things:

Salmiakki is disgusting.

Partitiivi Pluralis is ridiculous."