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Project Title: EVS with ijgd in Social Projects in Berlin Erasmus+ YOUTH EVS
To Volunteer-Candidates invited for a Video-Interview for an EVS coordinated by ijgd in Berlin
Basic Information about EVS with ijgd in Berlin
ijgd Berlin is the coordinating organisation of the project called “EVS with ijgd in social projects in
Berlin”. The project is funded by the EU in the program Erasmus+/European Voluntary Service (EVS)
and we realise it with around 16 social organisations in Berlin and 16 sending organisations in
Europe. We are active in EVS incoming since over 10 years.
ijgd is one of the biggest and eldest organisations for volunteering in Germany, our project “EVS in
Berlin” is quite small though, with 15-18 participants.
Before we talk on skype we would like to provide you with the basic info about the project,
framework and conditions, so you can ask your questions and we can talk a little bit more detailed
about the EVS in Berlin.
Basic infos about the EVS with ijgd in Berlin:
- The duration is 12 months from 1st of September to 31st of August
- We cooperate with about 16 EVS hosting projects in Berlin in the social field. In the skype
interview we would like to focus on certain open projects of your interest together with you.
- You find a lot of information about the open projects, when you go on the EVS Database. If
you have questions, use the skype interview to ask us!
- We see EVS as a voluntary service with a group of volunteers. There will be, depending on
the funding and accommodation-capacities about 15-17 other EVS volunteers in Berlin to
share this year together. Also there will be contact to other international and national ijgd-
- The volunteers live in flats with 1-3 other EVS-flatmates, one room each, kitchen and bath
shared. The flat is given to the volunteer by ijgd. The responsible and caring use of our lovely
flats is essential for the whole project “EVS with ijgd in Berlin”. The flats are in
Kreuzberg/Neukölln, normal students’ flats standard.
- The EVS provides in €: 110,- (Pocket Money), around 160 € + Lunch in the project (“foodmoney”)
and a free public transport ticket in Berlin.
- Insurance: You can use your blue European Health Insurance Card in Germany, if you have
one. The EVS provides also a health and liability insurance by the program.
- Volunteers will attend an online-language-course by the EU. We also provide/sponsor one
language-course for some weeks to get into the language at your level.
- Preparation is done by the Sending Organisation in the home country which is part of this
EVS-project coordinated and run by ijgd.
Thank you! ☺