EVS w Bułgarii od zaraz!!!

Six volunteers from three sending organizations will take part in the project which will last for 11 months. The project will have three separate stages, in each of them a group of two volunteers will be active. They will stay at the Demonstration centers of Association “National movement workshop Sedyanka” in the towns of Veliko Tarnovo and Kazanlak, 6 months in the former town and 5 months in the latter. The project will give opportunity to the volunteers to be involved in the daily activities of the hosting organization and its partners, activities which are directed towards the following: building a transcultural bridge (exchange of cultural values) between different nationalities and between generations; increasing the tolerance and empathy towards the people who are “different”; improving the image of the local cultural institutions and organizations.

Dates: 03-08-2016- 03-07-2017

Place: Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo& Kazanlak

Hosting organizations summary:

NGO National Movement workshop Sedyanka is organization which main aim is to inspire people to save the traditions of Bulgaria. There is a facebook group where you can see more about the organization: https://www.facebook.com/groups/154793951245128/?fref=ts

Więcej info do: marco@strim.org.pl