EVS w Austrii

LOGO organisation (www.logo.at) is looking fro motivated youth willing to volunteer in two cities of the beautifual Styria region.

Who can apply: youth from EU 28 program countries as well as from Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland

Locations: Kapfenberg (1 volunteer), Thal (Graz) (3 volunteers)

Projects' type:
- Kapfenberg: “Haltegriff” project aims at encouraging young people to engage in a long-term professional and personal independence. Emphasis is on knowledge transfer (skills and competencies that help stabilizing the youths, thus preparing them for ntegration into the labour market). Duration: 6 months
- Thal: The Children’s Village is a youth welfare institution whic cares for children and youngsters from as legal guardian. The target group are children and youngsters with social need, who cannot live with their family and are therefore sheltered in the Children’ s Village by the youth welfare. Duration: 10 months

Deadline for applications: 04/10/2016

Beginning of activity: 2017

Więncej info do nbonfanti@strim.org.pl