EVS na Węgrzech

Established in 1991, Hold My Hand Foundation has been working with EVS since 2001.

The Hold My Hand Foundation is working with mentally disabled people 18 years and above and operates a Daycare and Work-therapy Centre, where the Youngsters work in 5 different workshops (creative, candle, papier, household and assembly).

Besides the daily work they prepare, organize and execute various pilot projects, in which they like to involve our Hungarian volunteers also, and a lot of times they cooperate with the local schools and universities. One of their projects is Art Brut: the volunteer gives assistance in the workshop, he/she is working daily and is welcome to carry out own ideas and projects, as long as it fits in the life of the Daycare/Living Centre. The volunteer is offered to manage the project, we give assistance and help throughout the whole process, and at the end we evaluate together.

Duration of the project: 01.09.2016.-31.08.201 (12 months)

Theme and title of the project: Art Brut – the common language

Number of volunteers hosted on this project: 2

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