EVS w Bułgarii!

Dear Partners


Association FOR YOU is planning their new project for the 26.04.2016 deadline.


The project will include 14 volunteers who will spend their EVS in 6 different local organisations.  The tasks off the volunteers are in favor of the local community but they differ according to the activities of the hosting organisations.  Please find attached the  vacancies in each organisation.


I would like you all to join this project as we have worked already together and I know that you work actively with EVS and you have experience in the different aspects of EVS.

Apart of the EVS, FOR YOU wants to include in this project a one week partnership building/networking activity for the partner organisations. Our ideas is to share our experience on managing long term group projects with multiple host organisations as well as learn and improve the preparation of the volunteers before, during and after the service. Thus we will learn from each other and improve our common work but also create a network among organisation working with EVS from all over Europe and beyond. This meeting can be organised in the beginning of December 2016 for the International Day of the Volunteer  and we want to include 2 people for each organisation who are directly involved in EVS.

Więcej info do marco@strim.org.pl