EVS w Estonii

Zachęcamy Was do wzięcia udziału w projekcie Wolontariatu Europejskiego w Estonii!

In order to candidate for our open EVS placements in Estonia, please fill in the EstYES application form that you can download from here (Application for EVS in Estonia) and send it to evs@estyes.ee for selection process.
The deadline to submit applications is 29th of March 2016! (The services are for 9-12 months and start in Autumn 2016).

Social Projects

Perekodu SA (Centre for disabled children and/or children without parental care)
Location: Viljandi, Target group: Disabled people, Topics: European awareness, disability

Karula Kodu (Centre for disabled people)
Location: Viljandi, Karula, Target group: Disability, Topics: Disability and health problems

Imastu Residential School (School for disabled youth)
Location: Saksi vald, Target group: Disabled youth, Topics: Disability and urban/rural development

Tõrva Kodu
Location: Tõrva, Target group: Disability, Topics: Disability and health problems


Educational Projects

Tallinna Kullerkupu Kindergarten

Location: Tallinn, Target group: Children, Topics: European awareness and education through sport and outdoor activities

Võru Kindergarten Punamütsike
Location: Võru, Target group: Children, Topics: European awareness and urban/rural development

Sakala Centre and Open Youth Centre of Viljandi
Location: Viljandi, Target group: Youth and adults, Topics: Culture and youth leisure

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