EVS na Słowacji - projekt już zaakceptowany!


Venue: Bratislava, Slovakia

Duration: 1.3.2016-28.2.2017

Mladez ulice operates in a form of field social work based on low-threshold principles. The mission of the HO is to improve life of children, youth, families and communities from ordinary or socially disadvantaged environment and to help them to obtain the basic habits/knowledge for future. The project involves work with socially excluded children and youth, mostly Roma, and reacts on the needs of clients offering free-time services, social services and work in the community.



The potential volunteer should be interested and have a potential to work with children & youngsters from disadvantaged environment, as well as with common youth in neighbourhoods.


Very import is that volunteer has a positive approach and likes to work with kids&youth. We are welcoming volunteer who is not afraid of challenges and is motivated for self-development. The potential volunteer is flexible (the work with kids requires flexibility) creative (volunteer is preparing activity for each work in youth club or streetwork), empathetic, responsible and self-reliant. Volunteer has to be ready to be able to work in areas with social pathological issues (like vandalism, drugs). In some localities we do provide only street work- working outside in all kind of weather. Mladez ulice prefers to host male volunteer, since there are more women involved in the activities of the organization.


Volunteer will develop his civic competences and cultural sensitivity. She/He will get practical experience with social work, will learn how to work in disadvanteged environment and react in conflict situations. She/He will have chance and extra support to learn Slovak language, as children do not speak English or any other foreign languages. Since the volunteer will be from Poland, she/he might learn Slovak very well.


- Organised free-time activities: this category includes all sport games (basketball, football, PingPong, etc....), creative workshops, craft, dance, music, movies. Organization of various team games and competitions (treasure hunt, puzzle). The main task of a volunteer is to actively participate and tmotivate others.

- Assisting in organization of community events e.g helping with promotion (creating posters, flyer),

preparation/deciding on programme, taking photography during the events, helping with logistics,


- Tutoring and help with homeworks

- Work with pre-school age children

- Social consultancy - it is suitable for students or graduates of society-helping professions who want to improve in the first contacts, communication with a client, interventions,providing of information, networking of volunteers.

- Help with administration

Volunteer can choose from the proposed activities according to his/her interest as well as there is a great space for his own ideas and initiatives. The hosting and coordinating organisation will give a support to volunteers in this regard.

Volunteer will have chance to take part in regular supervision meetings, teambuildings and get professional support in area of a direct social work.


kontakt ---> dorota@strim.org.pl