EVS w Islandii!

slandzki Czerwony Krzyż  prowadzi rekrutację wolontariuszy na roczny projekt w Reykjavík (wyjazd styczeń 2016). Tematyka: zdrowie psychiczne.

Zainteresowane osoby prosimy o pilny kontakt: Irmina kczysnok@strim.org.pl

Opis projektu "Shelter for the mentally ill (VIN)":

Day shelter VIN is one of three run by Red Cross in Reykjavík area.
The target group is people with mental illness from the age of 18 years old, here after called guests. The aim of the centers is to socially integrate, otherwise isolated mentally ill people, to help them to change their routines and add something extra to their lives.

The volunteer's tasks will be to assist the staff at the shelters, taking care of the mentally ill and the needs of the house. The volunteer will participate in different activities, like conversing with the guests and spending quality time with them, cooking, organizing and participating in the activities of the day, cleaning the house, partake or initiate craft projects etc. The volunteer will also be asked to join the staff in some extra activities, like going for a walk or visit a museum (sometimes, not regular). In this project the volunteer's ideas, skills, and initiatives will be welcomed. Every worker and the volunteer will participate in everything. There aren't specific tasks for each worker and all of them work together in a friendly atmosphere.